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每个商店都必须拥有的 POS 机。

Smart POS Device


D4-501 190925.png

iMin D4-501

RK3288W/Android 7.1/2GB+16GB/printer/10.1

16,050 บาท

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D4-504 190925.png

iMin D4-504

RK3288W/Android 7.1/2GB+16GB/printer/15.6"FHD+10.1"

20,090 บาท

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701+S1 Wall Mount.png

iMin S1 Wall Mount

Wall Mount

3,740 บาท

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iMin M2-202

Android 8.1, MT8167B, 1GB+8GB, 5.5" Ips,Wifi,BT,Camera 5.0 M,58mm printer

6,500 บาท

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D4-502 190925.png

iMin D4-502

RK3288W/Android 7.1/2GB+16GB/printer/10.1+10.1

16,190 บาท

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iMin S1-701

RK3288W.Android 7.1,2GB+16GB,21.5",wifi,BT,Printer,Barcode Scanner,POS

37,882 บาท

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S1-701+S1 Bracket.png

iMin S1 Bracket

white,base with bracket

11,843 บาท

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iMin M2-203

Android 8.1, MT8765WB, 1GB+8GB, 5.5" Ips,Wifi,BT,LTE,Camera 5.0 M,58mm printer

7,100 บาท

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D4-503 190925.png

iMin D4-503

RK3288W/Android 7.1/2GB+16GB/printer/15.6"FHD

17,750 บาท

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iMin S1-702

RK3288W,Android 7.1,2GB+16GB,21.5",wifi,BT,Printer,Pay the box

37,882 บาท

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S1-701+S1 Rotating Bracket.png

iMin S1 Rotating Bracket

white,band wheel,base with bracket

12,273 บาท

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iMin M2-203 (Full)

Android 8.1, MT8765WB, 2GB+16GB, 5.5" Ips,Wifi,BT,LTE,Camera 5.0 m,58mm printer,NFC

9,990 บาท

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